Los Angeles Unpaid Wages Lawyer

California employees are entitled to 100% of their earned compensation. This includes not only hourly/salary wages, but also unused vacation owed upon employment termination, commissions, bonuses, applicable overtime, and other off-the-clock work. Furthermore, California employers are legally required to pay employees on regularly scheduled paydays, designated at least twice per calendar month. If your employer has not paid you your earned compensation, has incorrectly calculated your wages, or has denied you access to your payroll records, they can be fined and subject to legal action. If you or someone you know needs help collecting unpaid wages from their employer, contact our expert team of California employment attorneys at Bibiyan Law Group.

Our decorated lawyers have successfully represented dozens of clients who have been treated unjustly by their employers. We will work tirelessly to secure the maximum reward for your claim, and your consultation will come at no cost to you. Let us fight for you. Contact us today at (310)-438-5555.

If you have been denied overtime pay, or your employer required you to work off the clock without pay, you may be entitled to recover not only that which is owed to you, but also additional penalties brought up by your legal employment claim. Even if you believe your claim is small, other employees at your workplace may be suffering a similar unfair circumstance. If this is the case, Bibiyan Law Group may be able to combine your claims into a class action lawsuit- effectively recovering unpaid wages for you and your co-workers. Federal, state, and even local laws govern wages in the United States, and employers may not even be aware that they are in violation.

At Bibiyan Law Group, our attorneys are experienced in employment law, and they will take every legal precaution to ensure that your wages are protected by the full extent of the law. These legal professionals will assess your initial claim, gather information to strengthen the case, and explore options to enforce your rights and secure the maximum possible settlement.

We Hold Employers Accountable. We Want To Help

Bibiyan Law Group is devoted to recovering the wages you are owed, and compensating you for any loss that your employer has caused. A legal expert from our Los Angeles Law Firm can get your case started with a free initial consultation today. Our contingency fee basis ensures that you will never pay out-of-pocket; that is, you do not have to pay any fees unless you win or recover compensation.

Don’t wait- there are statutes of limitations, or time restrictions, on these types of legal matters. Contact Bibiyan Law Group today at (310)-438-5555.

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