California’s workforce is diverse and dynamic, as are the challenges employees may face. Whether it be discrimination, wage and hour disputes, wrongful termination, or other employment rights violations, the attorneys at Tomorrow Law provide strong, client-centered advocacy to individuals affected by these issues.

We believe collective action is a powerful tool in addressing systemic workplace injustices. More so, our class-action experience allows us to pursue equality, fair treatment, and justice for employees facing workplace challenges in California.

We passionately champion a vision of a society where every employee is treated with the utmost dignity and equality. We are dedicated California employment lawyers concentrating on class action matters, driven by a deep commitment to this cause. Our firm boasts a team of nearly 20 dedicated attorneys and a support staff of 40 professionals committed to our mission as class action lawsuit lawyers in California. If you face unfair working conditions, contact Tomorrow Law to speak with our class action attorneys in California, who are well equipped to handle various class action lawsuits.

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This law firm was extremely helpful and successful in my case. In a matter of 7 months they were able to settle my case! Joshua, Ariella, Vedang, and Iona were my attorneys and Aaron were extremely helpful in my case, always responsive and helped with any questions I had about my case. I was turned down by a few other law firms but this law firm took me seriously and won! I’m very satisfied with all of their services.

Fiorela A

They will always answer your calls and call you with updates to keep you informed. I had the pleasure of working with many of them and they are all great individuals. Bibiyan Law Group won two of the two cases I had with them and I’m pretty happy with them. I would recommend you give them a call.

Jose B

Super nice people. I opened a case with them and it took a while like most cases do but they made it very easy for me. I basically just told them what happened and they handled everything until the case closed while updating me in between and answering questions if I had any. Thank you!

Kaley C

Bibiyan Law Group was by far a great choice to make for my wrongful termination lawsuit. They kept me in the loop with all the details and supported me along the way until I received my settlement. Thank you for everything. Would recommend!

Charles S
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Exemplars of Case Results

Millions Recovered for Employees Each Year

$8,000,000 In a class action for unpaid wages against an industrial packaging company
$5,500,000 In a class action for unpaid wages against a government services contractor
$4,500,000 In a wage and hour class action for unpaid wages against a cleaning company

What Types of Class Actions Lawsuits Do the California Employment Lawyers at Tomorrow Law Handle?

Rather than operating as a broad-spectrum law firm, the California class action lawyers on our team exclusively focus on a select range of cases, allowing us to become pioneers in our chosen practice areas. This specialization affords us an understanding of the law, as we can concentrate on honing our expertise within our niche fields.

Common Class Action Claims in California

As class action lawsuit lawyers with specific experience in California, our firm specializes in a range of practice areas dedicated to advocating for the rights and interests of employees, including:

  • Workplace discrimination. We fight against all forms of workplace discrimination, including discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability, religion, and more.
  • Wage and hour disputes. Our team assists employees in cases involving unpaid wages, overtime violations, misclassification, and other wage-related issues.
  • Wrongful termination. We represent wrongfully terminated employees, upholding their rights in cases involving illegal firings or retaliatory actions.
  • Harassment and hostile work environment. We provide legal support to employees who have endured harassment or a hostile work environment.
  • Equal pay violations. Our attorneys address cases where employees are not fairly paid based on gender or other protected characteristics.
  • Employment contract disputes. We handle disputes related to employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and severance packages.
  • Whistleblower protection. We protect employees who report illegal activities within their organizations from retaliation.
  • FMLA and ADA violations. We hold employers accountable for violations of employees’ rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Unlawful retaliation. We help employees who have faced retaliation for asserting their legal rights in the workplace.

We are committed to ensuring California employees receive the justice they deserve and protecting their employment rights through a step-by-step approach.

What Do Class Action Attorneys in California Do?

As California employee-based class action attorneys, we play a pivotal role in championing workers’s rights. Our collective efforts encompass a range of proactive actions and responsibilities designed to ensure fairness and justice in the workplace, including:

  • Legal advocacy. We vigorously represent employees facing various workplace injustices. We conduct thorough investigations, gather evidence, and build robust cases to secure justice for our clients.
  • Class action litigation. We actively initiate and participate in class action lawsuits, collectively representing numerous employees who have experienced similar workplace issues. This approach maximizes efficiency and impact in our pursuit of results.
  • Pay equity enforcement. We work tirelessly to ensure that employees receive fair compensation by addressing unpaid wages, overtime violations, and equal pay disparities.
  • Whistleblower protection. We shield employees who report illegal activities within their organizations from retaliation, safeguarding their right to speak out against wrongdoing without fear of reprisal.
  • Negotiation and settlement. We engage in active negotiations, mediation, and settlement discussions with employers to secure favorable resolutions for our clients.
  • Trial advocacy. We zealously represent our clients in court when necessary, presenting compelling cases and advocating for their rights before judges and juries.
  • Education and awareness. We actively educate employees about their rights, ensuring they are informed and empowered to assert their legal protections in the workplace.
  • Employer accountability. We hold employers accountable for their actions, aiming to deter unlawful employment practices and promote a fair and just working environment.

Our dedication to this focused approach has established strong relationships with opposing counsel, as we consistently engage with the same lawyers on both sides of our specialized cases. Moreover, our repeated appearances within the complex court system enable judges to become well-acquainted with our practice and legal expertise, facilitating smoother proceedings.

We extend our services to California employees statewide, with cases spanning virtually every county. Our reputation in this field precedes us, as we prioritize employees’ best interests over our financial gains. Our name is synonymous with dedication, experience, and unwavering advocacy for employee rights for employment class actions in California.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Class-Action Lawsuit, and How Does It Work in California?

A class-action lawsuit is a legal action in which individuals collectively sue an entity or employer for similar grievances. In California, class actions are governed by state laws and follow specific procedures outlined in the California Code of Civil Procedure.

What Types of Employment Issues Can Be the Basis for a Class-Action Lawsuit in California?

Class-action lawsuits in California can occur for various employment issues, including wage and hour violations (e.g., unpaid overtime), workplace discrimination (e.g., gender or age discrimination), harassment, wrongful termination, and more.

Who Can Be Part of a Class-Action Lawsuit, and How Can I Join One?

Individuals who have similar legal claims and meet specific criteria can join a class-action lawsuit in California. You may automatically become part of a class if you fit the description, or you may receive a notice and have the option to opt in or out.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Participating in a Class-Action Lawsuit?

By participating in a class-action lawsuit, employees can collectively pursue justice and seek compensation for their grievances without incurring the cost of individual litigation. It can lead to efficient resolution and accountability for the employer.

What Should I Do If I Believe I Have A Valid Claim For A Class-Action Lawsuit In California?

If you believe you have a valid claim, consult an experienced employment attorney specializing in class actions. They can assess your situation, explain your legal rights, and guide you through potentially joining or initiating a class-action lawsuit.

What Types Of Damages Can I Recover in a Class-Action Lawsuit in California?

In a class-action lawsuit in California, you may be eligible to recover various types of damages, including compensatory damages (to cover actual losses), punitive damages (to punish the defendant), and injunctive relief (to prevent future harm). The specific damages available depend on the nature of the claims and the court’s judgment.

How Are Damages Distributed Among Class Members in a Class-Action Lawsuit?

Distribution of damages in a class-action lawsuit typically occurs among class members based on a predetermined formula approved by the court. The formula considers factors such as the extent of harm each member suffers. Class members may receive their share of the damages through a settlement or court-ordered distribution.

Speak with Class Action Attorneys in California About Your Case Today

If you believe that your employer has violated your rights as well as the rights of fellow employees, a class action lawsuit may be the best way to affect meaningful change in your employer’s practices. We’ve assembled a dedicated team of experienced class action lawyers in Los Angeles specializing in employment matters. Unlike other firms in the area, we only represent the interests of workers, which gives us specific experience handling the types of issues you and your co-workers are facing. Call Tomorrow Law – today – to learn more and to schedule a free consultation. You can also connect with an attorney by completing our online contact form.

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