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Have you recently been terminated or forced to quit your employment in California? We understand that this experience is not easy. It can take an emotional toll on you, cause bills to pile up, place extra burdens on the rest of your family, and bring other unwanted changes to your life. Even if you still have your job, you may feel stress from being harassed by your employer or not being paid all your owed wages. You should not go through these challenges alone.

Bibiyan Law Group is here to help you understand your legal options to pursue against your employer or former employer to ensure that justice is served. Also Serving the Northern CA Area

Types of Employment Law Cases California Employment Lawyers at Tomorrow Law Handle

In today’s ever-changing work environment, standing up for employee rights can be an uphill battle. From understanding complex employment laws to seeking fair treatment, just compensation, and a safe working environment, it’s no easy feat. But with the proper guidance, you can navigate this challenging landscape and ensure that your workplace rights are protected.

At Tomorrow Law, our dedicated, experienced California employment attorneys specialize in a wide range of employment law cases. They are fully dedicated to diligently addressing a diverse array of workplace challenges. These are examples of some of the more common cases we handle.

Workplace Discrimination If you're experiencing unfair treatment due to factors like your ethnicity, race, gender, age, religion, or disability, you may have grounds for an employment lawsuit. Examples include employers denying employment based on perceived race and experiencing exclusion from opportunities because of religion.
Workplace Harassment Harassment in the workplace can range from unwanted sexual advances and threats to offensive jokes, ridicule, and slurs. Examples include coworkers making inappropriate comments about a person's appearance or ridiculing a coworker based on their sexual orientation, religion, or ethnic background. These behaviors foster a hostile work environment and are illegal.
Wrongful Termination Most California employment is “at-will,” so not all job terminations lead to valid wrongful termination claims. However, it is illegal when employers terminate employees for unlawful reasons such as retaliation, discrimination, or whistleblowing.
Wage and Overtime Disputes It is illegal for employers to attempt to save money through unlawful practices such as refusing to pay employees the overtime they earned or paying workers less than the federal minimum wage. This type of wage theft can affect all hourly employees, from sales representatives to IT professionals to restaurant employees.
Workplace Retaliation Retaliation against an employee for reporting illegal activities, such as OSHA violations or filing a discrimination lawsuit against an employer, is unlawful. Retaliatory actions against an employee can include demotion, salary or wage reduction, and assigning employees to a lower-ranking position.
Contract Negotiations Contract negotiations typically involve employers and employees or their representatives (such as attorneys or labor unions) discussing and agreeing on an employment contract’s terms and conditions. These terms and conditions can include job offers, employment agreements, severance packages, and non-compete agreements.
Cal/OSHA Violations Cal/OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) violations refer to breaches of workplace safety and health regulations established by the California and U.S. Department of Labor. Violations can result in serious consequences for employers and pose risks to a worker’s well-being. If we didn’t list your particular employment situation above, fear not. We handle far too many types of employment cases to name them all. When you contact us for a free consultation, one of our skilled employment advocates can review your claim and help you chart the best course of action for your unique circumstances.

What Federal and State Laws Protect California Employees?

Federal and California employment laws play a vital role in safeguarding workers’ rights across various industries. They cover numerous employment-related matters, including employment contracts, tort claims, equal employment opportunities, wage and hour disputes, workplace safety, employee benefits, and union organization and collective bargaining issues. At Tomorrow Law, our California employment law attorneys specialize in navigating these complex legal frameworks to ensure employers treat their employees with respect and dignity. Our team is unwavering in our commitment to keeping up-to-date with these directives so that we can advocate fiercely for you and safeguard your interests.

Here is a list of the key state laws we often work with:

  • California Family Rights Act (CFRA),
  • Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA),
  • California Occupational Safety and Health Act (Cal/OSHA), and
  • California Labor Code

Other important federal laws that protect employees include:

  • Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA),
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA),
  • The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA),
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA),
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA),
  • The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA),

While many federal, state, and local laws provide similar or overlapping protections, separate regulatory bodies enforce them. For example, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces specific federal discrimination and harassment laws under the Civil Rights Act. Similarly, the California Civil Rights Department oversees discrimination prohibitions set forth by California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act.

How Can the California Employment Attorneys at Tomorrow Law Help Me?

Every situation is unique, but in all cases, we can act as your legal advisor, negotiator, litigator, or all three. No matter your circumstances, from your initial consultation to your case’s final resolution, we’ll provide clear guidance and expert advice, empowering you to make informed decisions and achieve the best possible outcome.

Clients recognize us for our compassionate advocacy and thorough approach to employment investigations. However, it’s our unwavering focus on delivering successful client-centered solutions and fighting tirelessly for employee empowerment that truly sets us apart from other employment law firms. Whether you’re dealing with discrimination or a dispute involving a non-compete agreement, we offer a multitude of unparalleled services. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Exceptional client support and guidance,
  • Comprehensive investigations and witness interviews,
  • Discovery and preservation of crucial evidence,
  • Skillful negotiation of workplace violation settlements,
  • Representation in court proceedings, if necessary, and
  • Skillful negotiation for a fair settlement.

At Tomorrow Law, we’re here to provide you with exceptional support and representation for all of your employment-related needs. We’ll be by your side at every step, advocating for your rights and ensuring you receive justice.


How Much Does an Employment Lawyer Cost? +

Lawyer costs vary depending on experience, case type, and claim complexity. Law firms typically charge clients using either a flat rate, hourly rate, or contingency fee.

How Do I Know If I Have an Employment Law Claim? +

No. However, filing an employment law case alone can be overwhelming and delay settlement, resulting in poorer outcomes. To avoid this, it's best to consult an employment attorney before deciding to go at it alone.

Do I Need an Employment Lawyer to File an Employment Law Claim? +

If you believe your employer violated your employment rights, a Tomorrow Law attorney can help you determine if you have a claim and assist you in deciding whether to file a complaint or lawsuit.

Can I Get Damages If I Win My Employment Case? +

Usually. Wronged employees often qualify for compensation for lost wages, emotional distress, attorney's fees, and other damages.

Why Tomorrow Law Is Your Best Choice for a California Employment Law Firm

Other factors that set us apart include:

  • Client-focused advocacy — At Tomorrow Law, we believe that client satisfaction determines our success;
  • Free consultations — Our employment law attorneys provide free consultations to help you understand your employee rights before making important career decisions.
  • Numerous distinctions — Our attorneys have received many distinctions, including being named Rising Stars, Best Litigation Lawyers in Los Angeles, Lawyers of Distinction, and American Academy’s Top 100 Attorneys.
  • Perfect Ratings — Our employment lawyers in California have perfect AVVO and Justia ratings and numerous 5-star client reviews.
  • Extensive experience — Our lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience helping people fight back against unfair employer practices.
  • Proven Results — Our lawyers have won over $45M in client and class-action settlements and verdicts and are members of the Million Dollar and Multi-Millions Dollar Advocates Forum.

Bibiyan Law Group, P.C. was founded as a resource for employees who have been mistreated by their employers or former employers.

As an advocate for workplace justice, David Bibiyan has represented employees throughout California in a variety of employment law matters and has recovered millions of dollars on their behalf in both individual and class actions. Wherever there is a California employee who is being mistreated by their employer or former employer, we are here to lend a helping hand to ensure that those practices are rectified. This includes working to make sure that you are made whole to the extent possible, as well as making efforts to ensure that the employer or former employer changes its practices so that others are not hurt by the same policies or procedures.

Exemplars of Case Results

Millions Recovered for Employees Each Year

$8,000,000 In a class action for unpaid wages against an industrial packaging company
$5,500,000 In a class action for unpaid wages against a government services contractor
$4,500,000 In a wage and hour class action for unpaid wages against a cleaning company

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This law firm was extremely helpful and successful in my case. In a matter of 7 months they were able to settle my case! Joshua, Ariella, Vedang, and Iona were my attorneys and Aaron were extremely helpful in my case, always responsive and helped with any questions I had about my case. I was turned down by a few other law firms but this law firm took me seriously and won! I’m very satisfied with all of their services.

Fiorela A

They will always answer your calls and call you with updates to keep you informed. I had the pleasure of working with many of them and they are all great individuals. Bibiyan Law Group won two of the two cases I had with them and I’m pretty happy with them. I would recommend you give them a call.

Jose B

Super nice people. I opened a case with them and it took a while like most cases do but they made it very easy for me. I basically just told them what happened and they handled everything until the case closed while updating me in between and answering questions if I had any. Thank you!

Kaley C

Bibiyan Law Group was by far a great choice to make for my wrongful termination lawsuit. They kept me in the loop with all the details and supported me along the way until I received my settlement. Thank you for everything. Would recommend!

Charles S
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When we determine it is a case our office can take on, we will send you an agreement that includes the terms and scope of our representation, which we will explain to you, as well. If we have not already, we will also have you sign an authorization allowing us to request your records from your employer.
4. Research & Filing
After you have been signed up and your records requested from your employer, we will review all documents provided, research the employer's corporate structure, refine our theories, and file the mandatory paperwork to initiate your case.
5. Litigation & Resolution
Employment cases can take years to resolve, and class action cases can take even longer given the requirement that a settlement be approved twice by the Court. Our team will check in with you regularly to ensure you are apprised of your case and to answer any questions along the journey.

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