Issues At Your Workplace?

Are You Suffering from:

Not getting paid for all hours worked?
Missed or interrupted meals or breaks?
Pressured to do work off-the-clock?
Harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination?


Bibiyan Law Group has successfully recovered millions of dollars in damages for employees exposed to workplace violations of law.

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Unfortunately, employers often take their employees for granted, ignoring or misinterpreting California employment laws. This often results in unlawful harassment at the workplace and people losing their jobs.

And most often, it can take the form of unpaid wages for work done off-the-clock, or failure to compensate for missed or interrupted meals or rest breaks.

Over the years, California Employment Lawyer David Bibiyan has developed successful strategies to deal with these violations of law that have helped resolve disputes against employers and in favor of employees.

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Millions Recovered Each Year for Employees

Millions recovered in wage and hour class action for unpaid wages against:

$5,500,00 won against a government service contractor.
$4,500,000 won against a package delivery company.
$4,000,000 won against a mineral supplier.
$3,850,00 won against a network of behavioral healthcare facilities
$2,750,000 won against an appliance part distributor
$2,450,000 won against an industrial component manufacturer.

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