Krista Martin

Ms. Martin’s pathway to studying law was a circuitous route. A California native, she attended New York University where she double majored and earned Bachelor of Science degrees in both Finance and Economics. After some time working as a stock broker on Wall Street, she returned to California where she earned her Master’s Degree in Psychology at Pepperdine University. She then embarked on a career as a case manager and counselor where she advocated for those with serious and chronic mental illness. There were instances when she was advocating for her clients that she realized how much more powerful she would be in defending and standing up for the rights of her clients if she was an attorney. Ever since she participated as a juror in a mock trial as an undergrad at NYU, she had thought she would like to be a lawyer someday. After the few instances occurred where her clients were taken advantage of, she decided that rather than pursue a career as a psychologist and earn her PhD., she would change her course and study law instead.

Ms. Martin attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, a top tier law school that offered courses in employment law. Through the course of her life, Ms. Martin had come to learn from her own personal experience and the experiences of friends, family, and others, how easy it could be for people to be taken advantage of by their employers. Once she took a course in employment law, she knew she had found her calling. After law school she received a Judicial Fellowship to work for a The Honorable Richard Fruin at the Los Angeles Superior Court. Because he knew of her interest in employment law, the judge gave her all of his employment law case summary judgment motions to analyze and to give him ruling recommendations on them. Ms. Martin is dedicated to helping clients succeed in their pursuit of justice against employers who treat them unfairly.

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